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Venice, the beautiful Italian city built upon a complex system of canals, is truly a unique and enchanting place. Known as the “City of Water,” Venice captivates visitors with its magnificent architecture, narrow streets, and romantic atmosphere.


Mauro Rossi

We world highly recommend this tour. Our guide was Chiara. She was brilliant and knowledgable. Chiara took the time to explain everything about the Sistine chapel in such a fun and detailed way. When we got the Sistine chapel it was breathtaking and even more enjoyable after learning all about it. This tour was definitely one of our favourites in Rome.


Manuela was an amazing and knowledgeable tour guide who has an obvious passion for what she does. My family and i had an amazing experience and will definitely recommend to others


The experience was satisfying! Upon receiving an email after purchasing the tickets stating that they would be sent only 7 days before the date of the visit, they were worried. However, as promised, the tickets were sent on time. In contact with the chat via email, they promptly answered... I recommend!